I am a multimedia artist, living in Boise, Idaho. I began my glass career in 2013 during my final year before graduating from BSU with my Bachelor of Fine Art with an emphasis in Ceramics. During that year I took an apprenticeship with a local glass studio learning the basics of lampworking. In late 2015, I took the steps to become an independent artist and by 2016, I established Honeydips Glass. Since then I have been developing my skills with glass alongside showing art at local and out of state events. These include RAW Boise, Glass Craft and Bead Expo in Las Vegas and Hyde Park Street Fair.

My current work explores themes of whimsy through sculptural work. While there is a vast variance in the sculptures I make, it is akin to my ever-expanding exploration of the medium itself and current, continual exploration of myself.

Growing up I first learned that I enjoyed art through the different creative outlets my Grandmother fostered for me. She was a doll maker, primarily porcelain and Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. Her sewing room was full of these beautifully hand crafted little playmates for me that cultivated a love for living in a world of mystery, fantasy and curiosity. While being born and raised in Boise, Idaho I was also intrigued by the wildlife that occupies the northwest, as well as the mystery of creatures that I made up and believed occupied these lands, being the baseline of my exploration of fantasy narratives and wildlife throughout my artwork.